Sri Chinmoy Tri Club's GO TRI Duathlon (Bike & Run)

Tockington Manor School Bristol

Ideal for triathletes who want multisport practice, or anyone who wants the challenge of combining two sports.

Upcoming races

Race 1: 27 March
Race 2: 27 June
Race 3: 12 September

About the event

Our Duathlon events are part of the GO TRI series, organised in partnership between the Sri Chinmoy Tri Club (Bristol) and Triathlon England. 

Our 27th June and 12th September events are set to go ahead, but we sadly had to cancel our Triathlon and Swim-Run events as well as the March Duathlon.

The June event is sold out and all participants have been sent a Covid-Form to comlete and return before race day - please email if you have not received one.

Our Run-Bike-Run event is based at Tockington Manor School, north of Bristol, and takes place on the following dates this summer. Click on the event name below to enter online.

27 March 2021 - Cancelled due to Covid

27 June 2021 - RACE FULL

12 September 2021 - Enter online

Latest photos at:

Our GO TRI Duathlon is aimed at people training for a triathlon who want multisport practice, or anyone who wants the challenge of combining two sports in a fun race! There will be a limit of 50 people taking part to keep the course uncrowded and to stay in line with the aims of the GO TRI initiative which is focussed on small, low-cost races. 

Runners and Riders

A short clip from our July 2016 race showing runners completing lap 3 of the field while the faster competitors exit on to the bike course - I've also uploaded a clip of 2 riders transitioning back from bike to run, showing how "informal" our transition area is!


2k run, 15k bike, 2k run

Start time

  • 8.30am (arrive 7.40-8.10))


  • £6.75


Garga Chamberlain
07702 410797
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  • Permitted/insured as Covid-Secure by Triathlon England

Race route and transitions

2021: Our events this year have received permits and insurance from Triathlon England and been certified as covid-secure. Despite the "roadmap" giving us the possibility of a complete return to normal from June 21st, things are still uncertain so we are taking a cautious approach and retaining the time-trial format that we used in September 2020. On arrival each athlete will park in the School car park, bring their bike and kit down the road to the Pavilion and pick up their number from the terrace facing the sports field. After that, please stow your bike in the transition area making sure that you will have 2m clearance from the athletes alongside. You should minimise the time you spend setting up your bike/kit (5 mins max please). After that we will line everyone up in race number order - 2m apart - along the bottom of the field so that we can start you, one at a time, at ten second intervals. Toilets are in the Pavilion, please don't gather in the main room while queuing (only one person in the main room at a time, others queue outside). There is no secure bag storage but bags can be left on the terrace and the Race Director will be happy to look after car keys if required - just mark these with your name before handing them over e.g. using a label or tag. Despite these extra guidelines, we're thrilled to be staging a race in 2021 and hope you all enjoy it while at the same time feeling safe and secure. Thanks for your co-operation.

To download the bikeroute - see duathlon_map1.pdf

The run route is detailed below:

RUN - 2KM - The run course takes in 3 laps of the sports field alongside our race HQ, The Pavilion at Tockington Manor. The entire course is flat and on grass - we recommend running shoes with a bit of grip if you have them.

TRANSITION - after completing the run, athletes will pick up their bike (bikes will be stored leaning against the fence, there is no specialist "racking") and wheel them 100m or so to the exit, where they will mount up before taking the left turn (supervised by a race marshal in case of any passing traffic) on to the road.

BIKE - 15KM - From Tockington the course is approx 15km (9 miles) on predominantly flat lanes and B roads through Pilning. On a Sunday morning there should be hardly any traffic on most parts of the course, but riders will be expected to obey the highway code and ride safely at all times. Some parts of the course are narrow and winding and riders may have to slow down to accomodate oncoming vehicles - other parts are wide enough for you to get some decent speed up. There are a couple of slopes but nothing I would call a "hill". There are two right turns on the course, both of which are marshalled. At all other points the course is well signed. A sweep vehicle containing a first aider and a bike mechanic will follow the riders in case anyone needs assistance. Please note that "bunch riding" is not permitted in this event - riders will be expected to ride separately and leave space between themselves and the rider in front, except when overtaking.

SECOND TRANSITION & FINAL RUN 2KM - after completing the bike course, riders will push their bikes back to the transition area, lean them back against the fence and complete another flat, 2KM run around the field, this time in the opposite direction. The finish line will be between the GO TRI banners at the  bottom of the field, please ensure your race number is clearly visible as you approach the finish, thanks!

Directions and parking

For directions to the event, click here. Parking will be in the school car park approx 150m from the Pavilion, please take car when wheeling your bikes down to the Pavilion from the car park as all roads on the course are open during the event.

Previous Results

  • 2021 Sep 12th
    September 2021 Results

    Cool, still and dry conditions meant fast times for our regulars and a great start to multisport for our first timers. Ric Hill's winning time for the men was one of our quickest ever, while Tamsin Chick, not for the first time, took first place in the women's race. Full results are attached and pics are online in our gallery at

    Hoping to welcome you all back to Tockington and Eastville for our Multisport and Running series next year.



  • 2021 Jun 27th
    Results for the Sri Chinmoy Tri Club GO TRI Duathlon at Tockington, 27 June 2021
    The rain held off, but racing conditions were still not ideal at our first race of 2021, with block headwinds on the back half of the bike course and numerous other events jostling for the same stretches of road. My sincere apologies to those of you who got delayed by the event traffic and in particular to Paul Taylor who got misdirected by the British Cycling signs - hopefully this kind of event congestion has only occurred as a result of events being delayed by Covid-19 and future years will see everything spread out across the summer as per usual.   Despite these challenges we had 34 finishers out of 34 starters and some excellent times at the top of the results. Alice Thomson, in her first duathlon, was first in the women's race with 47:21, while Alex Brown and Sally Sims took second and third. In the men's race we saw a top 3 all finishing in under 40 minutes which is impressive on such a breezy day - Joe Pritchard took top spot with 37:58, Chris Mills taking second place ahead of Rob Sims in third.   Results are in the attached PDF and we hope to have photos online in our Bristol Races Gallery -   Thanks to everyone for taking part and making an event happen in this challenging and uncertain summer!  
  • 2020 Sep 13th
    Sri Chinmoy Tri Club's GO TRI DUATHLON, Tockington, 13.09.2020
    Time-trial start at the GO TRI duathlon, Tockington

    It was great to be hosting a race again after such a long time, and thanks are due to British Triathlon for insuring & permitting the event through the GO TRI initiative, Tockington Manor School for letting us use their facilities, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team for marshalling and of course The Athletes who came and took part.

    Turnout was lower than usual at 35 starters, but in these uncertain times that was actually above our expectations. We had a really broad range of ages and abilities as usual, which is what GO TRI is all about. It was a mix of familiar faces and first timers too.

    In the women's field of 15 the honours went to Tamsin Chick who came first in 47:10, Sally Sims who came second in 48:05 and Megan Edwards, third with a time of 48:35.

    The men's race was probably our best ever in terms of quality, with four athletes breaking the 40 minute barrier. First place went to Adam Whittaker who smashed the previous course record by more than 40 seconds, finishing in 36:33. Chris Mills came second in 38:38 while only 6 seconds separated third and fourth place - Robert Sims (39:13) and Wayne Williams (39:19).

    This race was very different to normal, with a time-trial start meaning everyone was competing against the clock without any clear idea of where they were in terms of position until everyone had finished and the final calculations had all been done. They call this format "the race of truth" though, so I hope everyone was happy with their result after racing against themselves. Thanks again to our competitors who all co-operated with the distancing and other health measures so that the event could go smoothly.

    We missed having a public reading of the results and applauding our winners, but we do have small trophies for the first man and first woman so these will be delivered soon.

    Photos will appear in our gallery ( - scroll down to the Bristol page) in the next day or two and the full provisional results are attached.

    We hope to hold a full series of 4 GO TRI events in 2021 so please keep an eye on our website for updates.