Results from Blackweir, Friday 23/7/10   7pm

“Each new day dawns: A new opportunity arrives.”

Sri Chinmoy

Race Photos will be posted in our Cardiff Races Gallery

[csv]Pos.,Team,Team Name,1st Runner,Time,2nd runner,Time,3rd Runner,Time,Category,
1,15,Les Croupiers S.E.P.,Stuart Crees,5.03,Phil Cook,10.06,Ed Donovan,15.07,1st Men,
2,13,Pontypridd Roadents A,Daniel Bodman,5.01,Leigh Hiscox,10.11,Peter Coles,15.17,2nd Men,
3,2,San Domenico A,Stephen Shields,4.58,Gareth Green,10.16,Dee Buchanan,15.27,3rd Men,
4,3,San Domenico B,Mark Windsor ,5.27,Alistair Wood,11.06,James Potts,16.50,men,
5,14,Pontypridd Roadents B,Jason Scanlan,5.12,Steven Hooper,10.41,Laurence Pope,16.58,men,
6,10,Les Mixed Croups,Matt Hurford,5.30,Claire Beatty,11.48,Stuart Crees,17.05,1st Mixed,
7,4,San Domenico C,Glyn Sansom,5.40,Phil Bristow,11.40,Dominic Shields,17.44,men,
8,6,San Domenico E,David Vas,6.00,Susannah Stonehouse,12.13,Jim Delaney,18.32,mixed,
9,1,Cardiff AAC,Rachel Matthews,6.24,Fran Capel,13.25,Brian Dias,19.15,mixed,
10,20,Isle Of Man!,Roy Silver,6.55,Dan Luffman,13.08,Jon Goodall,19.37,Men,
11,7,Jedi Knights,Jacob Knight,6.29,Terry Knight,13.58,Steve Knight,19.42,1st Family,
12,19,Pontypridd Roadents Mixed,Rhian Durham,7.31,Andy Davies,14.17,Daniel Bodman,20.04,mixed,
13,12,The Lady Rats,Stephanie Davies,6.24,Debbie Jones,13.45,Ceri-Anne Davies,20.08,1st Ladies,
14,9,The Manxters,Kyle Davies,6.55,Ryan Cleary,13.33,Dale Loveridge,20.27,1st Junior U/15*,
15,18,Pegasus Slugs,Tony Carzana,7.03,Paul Charles,13.39,Larry Burford,21.05,men,
16,17,The Masters,Lynn Hughes,7.30,Len Tew,14.34,Eric Hughes,21.15,1st Vet 70+,
17,21,Hells Angels,Andrew Davies,6.57,Helen Pugsley,15.10,Richard Pugsley,21.28,mixed,
18,16,Last of the Summer Wine,Mel James,6.47,Claire Johnson,15.19,Mike Davies,21.47,1st Vet 60-69,
19,5,San Domenico D,Wendy Owen,6.38,Fran Williams,14.12,Bernie Wilkinson,22.36,2nd Ladies,
20,8,Scamper,Lynne Iles,8.32,Flyn Scanlon,17.15,Jason Scanlon,22.40,family,
21,22,Islwyn Ladies,Helen Williams,7.52,Kelly Waite,15.33,Rhian Clayton,22.45,3rd Ladies,
22,11,Clive Road,Terry Caveney,6.13,Ryan Barnett,14.43,Sandra Caveney,23.46,mixed,

*The Manxters set a new course u/15 record, breaking their own record set 2 years ago under the name Cilfynydd Speedsters. We have not had 60-69 or 70+ categories before so Last of the Summer Wine (mixed 60-69), and The Masters (men 70+) have both established course records. Winning team Les Croupiers S.E.P missed out on the men's course record by just a couple of seconds.

Thanks to everyone who supported our series this summer, especially the marshals who as a team put on 8 races (4 in Bristol & 4 in Cardiff). Thanks also to our sponsors: Run and Become, Asics (for the prizes and race numbers), Science in Sport (electrolyte drinks & cups), Hilly (socks), CLIF (shot bloks and protein bars), High 5 (gels). Thanks also to Red Cross (First Aid) and Cardiff City Council (use of the parks & changing rooms).