The run route is 4km long, and takes in three laps of the Lake Grounds at Portishead Esplanade. The finish is on the grassy area of the Lake Grounds about 100m from the Pool entrance. The run, as with all sections of the Try-a-Tri, is held under British Triathlon Rules.




From the transition area, you cross Esplanade Road and run along the pavement opposite the sea front with the lake on your left. At the end of the Esplanade, turn left by the toilets (these public loos will be open during the race if you need them) and head around the perimeter of the Lake Grounds via Lake Road, running either on the verge or close in to the side of the road.
DRINKS will be provided every lap, and at the finish too (small bottles of mineral water that you can carry with you).
TOILETS are also available every lap (at the corner of Lake Road / Esplanade Road).
SPECTATORS can view the race from the Esplanade, the finish line on the Lake Grounds or one of two cafes on the course (one at the poolside, one in the Lake Grounds further along the front).
FINISHING: The complete loop is 1.3 km long, so after doing three laps you will be told to turn left to the finish line. After your glorious finish, take another drink if you need one, get your breath back, and then we'll present you with your race memento and tee shirt. We will have photographers on hand to snap you as you cross the line, and when you are receiving your presentation - family and friends are welcome to join you for the presentation photo.
Any questions? You can email the race director at [email protected] with any questions about this event or Try-a-Tri in general, I'm happy to help.
A few more notes re rules, safety & course layout....
All this will be covered in the race briefing and the race-info pack sent out prior to the event, but here it is so you can refer to it any time:
DRINKS: Near the finish is a drink station so grab a bottle of water here if you need it and carry it with you to sip on the way. You'll pass the drinks station on each lap during the run, and again when you have finished. Bottles must be disposed of in a bin, by handing them to a marshal or else just carry it to the finish - chucking them away on the course is not permitted as it's a trip hazard as well as a litter nuisance.
TOILETS: At the end of the Esplanade, there are public loos which will be open so you can use these during the race. 
LAKE ROAD: A marshal just past the loo building will direct you to turn left and run along the left side of  Lake Road - here you can run on the road if safe to do so or on the verge. The road will be open to traffic but there are speed bumps and any cars will be going very slowly. Look out for cars pulling out of parking spaces and obey any directions/warnings from marshals.
NO HEADPHONES: Please note that headphones cannot be worn during the run - it wouldn't be safe because of traffic, other runners etc. - you need to be able to hear what's going on around you. Sorry about this, but it's necessary. 
NUMBERS: You must wear a race number on your front during the run section - see the notes about the bike course for more info.
ROAD CROSSING: You must obey the marshals at the road crossing (as you come out of transition to start the run). They have no authority to stop the traffic, so if a car is coming, they will have to make you pause and catch your breath until it's passed. Minimal traffic is expected, of course, but if by any chance you are asked to wait, please be understanding and take it as an opportunity to have  a breather for a few seconds. 
There is one short section where you have to run behind a safety barrier - this is just where you pass transition at the end of each lap - please don't try to overtake on this narrow section. The barrier is there to stop you running into other runners just joining the course - it makes sure the first-lap and second-lap runners are going in the same direction and can "merge" safely.
Quite a lot of safety notes about such a short run! All pretty obvious stuff though, and I hope I've made it clear why we need a few rules for everyone's safety.