About the author:

Tejvan organises short-distance running and cycling races for the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in his home city of Oxford. He is also a very good cyclist, having won the National hill climb championships in 2013 and finished 3rd in the National 100 Mile Time Trials in 2014.


Start of Race

3 Mile Self Transcendence Race organised by Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

Results from 3 Mile Race

[csv border=1 padding=5] 1,Michael Wilesmith,Guernsey,5.08,10.25,15.43,SM
2,Jonathan Meadows,U/A,5.46,12.11,18.20,SM
3,Julian Moore,Abingdon,6.00,12.12,18.24,VM
4,Lauren Hawtin,Oxford City,6.03,12.23,18.35,JW
5,Beth Hawtin,Oxford City,6.03,12.23,18.43,JW
6,Marc Juffkins,Abingdon,6.16,12.47,19.19,VM
7,Paul Skip,U/A,6.03,12.41,19.33,VM
8,James Wigmore,Abingdon,6.34,13.13,19.40,V50
9,Peter Stepney,Abingdon,6.2,13.14,20.49,V50
10,Tom Clarke,Abingdon,6.39,14.08,21.24,VM
11,Andy Bartlett,Banbury Harriers,7.12,14.31,21.42,V50
12,Phil Bevis,Banbury,7.2,14.52,22.05,V50
13,Gwenyth Hueter,Oxford City,7.18,14.52,22.32,VW
14,Michelle Piper,Abingdon,7.59,15.57,23.42,SW
15,Paul Grimsdale,Oxford City,8.13,15.04,23.43,V50
16,Andy Thompson,Durham,8.02,16.04,24.13,VM
17,Kate Johnson,,7.43,15.43,24.21,SW
18,Nick Dolden,Bicester,8.17,16.22,24.32,V50
19,Graham Pickup,Bicester,8.16,17.01,25.51,V50
20,Julie Stimpson,Abingdon,8.49,17.25,26.02,VW
21,Ben Devlin,Abingdon,9.40,19.22,28.36,SM
22,Emma Moore,Abingdon,10.3,22.10,31.46,VW[/csv]


Photos of Races



just after start




Abingdon Amblers - unofficial team prize with 10 of the 22 starters.

Next Race Monday May 23rd 7pm - 2 Miles

Grand Prix Series Points


Points for Grand Prix   May 9th
Junior Women    
Lauren Hawtin Oxford City 3
Beth Hawtin Oxford City 2
Senior Women    
Michelle Piper Abingdon 3


Kate Johnson

U/A 2
Vet Women    
Gwenyth Hueter Oxford City 3
Julie Stimpson Abingdon 2
Emma Moore Abingdon 1
Senior Men    
Michael Wilesmith Guernsey 3
Jonathan Meadows U/A 2
Ben Devlin Abingdon 1
Vet Men    
Julian Moore Abingdon 5
Paul Skip U/A 4
Marc Juffkins Abingdon 3
Tom Clarke Abingdon 2
Andy Thompson Durham          1
Super Vet Men    
James Wigmore Abingdon 5
Peter Stepney Abingdon 4
Andy Bartlett    Banbury 3
Phil Bevis Banbury 2
Paul Grimsdale Oxford City 1
Graham Pickup