As the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon is run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis, we have to have a strict policy on refunds to ensure that the race revenue covers all the expenses that we commit to as soon as athletes complete their entry. This means that we can only offer refunds as follows:

Within 2 weeks of entry - FULL REFUND if you withdraw

Up until May 1st 2021 - £30 REFUND if you withdraw

Up until RACE DAY 2021 - £20 REFUND if you withdraw

You can substitute another athlete in your place OR defer your entry to 2022 at any point up to May 1st 2020.

Please note that if we have to cancel some entries to bring down the number of participants in line with covid-19 restrictions, we will do this on  a "last-in-first-out" basis and give a full refund to all those affected.

After 1st May we have all the athletes arranged into start waves based on swim time and have publicised each participant's start time etc. Once that has been done, substitutions are not straightforward and we can't be sure we'll be able to get a suitable athlete to take your place, which is why we can only offer a partial refund from that date onwards.

Please email the race organiser if you have any questions on this policy - [email protected]

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