Self Transcendence 100km/50km race 31 March 2013

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Venue            North Inches Park, Perth.  Race HQ for the day is Bells Sports Centre, Hay Street, Perth tel 01738 492460 which is situated alongside the park. Bells sports centre in Hay street will be open from 6.15AM  on race morning for registration

  •        Car parking at the sport centre car park is free on sundays
  •        please leave valuables in your car ,with your support crew or in sports centrre lockers
  •         There will be a baggage area in start/finish area.

  The city of Perth is situated in central Scotland. It is easily accessible by road rail or bus. Nearest airports are Glasgow and Edinburgh. Info on the city of Perth


100km will start 7am prompt

 50km will start 10am prompt

 Although it will be light at 7am race start,it will be dawn light in the preceding hour, Although there is street lighting in the start area, we do not have  general auxilliary lighting,only some strategically placed battery lights  so please move around the park with caution, A head torch or flash light could  be very useful to you and your support as you set up.

The Course  Each loop is 2.381 km approx 1.5 miles. The 100km race is 42 laps.  The 50km race 21 laps.

Please remember even pacing is very rare in 100km events. Even experienced 100km runners are 30-60 minutes slower in the second half of the race.

The Inches is a public park and although the course will be  well marked out and have plenty of signage to alert the public to the event, as in any road race, runners should be alert to what is going on around them, as the park is popular with walkers, and cyclists using the riverside cycle way.

Accommodation  The race is on Easter weekend so Perth is likely to be busy.  Please book early.

Travel  Lodge have three hotels in Perth  offering very good rates  for race weekend

Perth has a wide variety of accommodation – see Perth tourist office

First Aid       there will be first aid assistance from  Scottish Red Cross. should you require treatment for blisters, cramp etc. There will a also be a race doctor. Remember to act early in seeking help. The medical team can recommend to the Race Director that a competitor retire if they feel to continue would cause the runner harm. The Race Director and Referee’s decision is final. Experienced  local physio Tommy Lawerence  will also be present to help diagnose any mechanical problems and offer massage as necessary, during or after the race.

Toilets          There will be 2 portaloos at trackside for runners use only.  Toilets for officials, helpers and runners are available in the foyer of the sports centre for the whole 24 hours.

Lap Counting         A leader board will update individual and overall race progress. Lap counters,with extensive experience of multi-lap races will manually record  your every lap and will acknowledge you with a wave and by calling your name.  A seperate team will be recording an overall manual lap check.If you have a query about your laps, don’t panic!  Inform the chief lap counter (seated by the clock) or your helper, if you have one, who should be able to clarify things by your next completed lap and put your mind at rest. On this occasion there will be no chip timing

Sample lap sheets below


Leaving the course            If you leave the course for any reason (Toilet break/feed stop/wee nap!)  during the race please advise your lap counter. You should rejoin the course at exactly the same point at which you left.  If you have to retire from the race you must inform either your lap counter or the chief lap counter.

Garmins and gps devices  

As from August 2011 , rule changes allow the use of  speed distance and heart rate monitors in championship events.


"This rule change now makes it  clear that athletes may use heart rate monitors, speed distance monitors etc in competition as long as they cannot be used to communicate with other people. This rule change will apply to IAU major competitions from this date".

SATurday night race briefing/registration. .For those staying in Perth, there will be a race briefing and registration on saturday night in the centre of town

Venue and time will be confimed in due course

Presentations. Will be confirmed in due course.