Every year we offer a limited number (approx 5-10) free entries to the Sri Chinmoy Somerset Try-a-Tri or Sprint Triathlon in return for a day's marshalling at the race.

This means you can either help out as a marshal this year and have a free entry for next year, or enter this year if you can bring a friend or family member with you on the day to marshal.

Marshalling requires common sense, reliability and a mobile phone - you don't need to be a triathlete or to have marshalled at other events. You will just be asked to count triathlete's laps (lengths) in the pool, keep the course clear, direct cyclists to take the right turns on the bike route, etc. Anyone who marshals at the event will need to be on site from before 7.30am until the last athlete has finished (around midday) and it's not strenuous. You'll be given breakfast, any equipment you need (hi-viz vest, clipboard etc.) so all you have to bring is yourself, your enthusiasm, drinks/snacks, a phone and suitable clothing. On that last note - summer can be wet in the UK, we can't guarantee sunshine, much as we would like to - bring everything you might need from waterproofs and warm clothing to sunblock and a sunhat.

One very important role of the race marshal is to cheer, clap and generally encourage the participants in the race - if you come with a friend who is taking part we'll try to arrange your shift so you can see them swim or cross the finish line or possibly both.

So, if you are interested in marshaling in return for a free place, please contact garga.sctc@zoho.com with the following information:

For the Athlete:

*Full names, address, date of birth, email address and phone number.

*Name of an emergency contact and their mobile number.

*Details of any relevant medical conditions.

*Why are you doing the Triathlon? (we might announce this as part of the race commentary)

*How many triathlons have you taken part in during the last 12 months?

*Tee Shirt size

*Estimated swim time for the 260m (Try-a-Tri) or 400m (Sprint Tri) course?

*Estimated time for completing the whole event?

*Are you a "Home Nations Member" e.g. member of Triathlon England or Triathlon Scotland? If so please give membership / race license number.

For the Marshal:

*Full name, mobile number and email address

*Previous marshalling experience or triathlon experience (if any)

*Other relevant skills (first aid, able to fix punctures, got a very loud voice, good sense of humour etc)

*Name and above details of a backup/reserve person in case you are unwell on race day and cannot marshal - once committed,we will have a role for you so if you can't come we expect you to make reasonable efforts to send a competent substitute.

If you have any questions just click the email link above to get in touch.


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