"At almost every turn there is some sort of inspiration."

The great day arrived and as usual no time to fret or worry, which is good.   To be at the lake at dawn is totally awesome.   The colour of the sky, all pink, is gently reflected on the lake, so beautiful.   A perfect start I would say.   For a while I drink in the fragrance of the early morning, the smell of the trees, and the beauty that is all around me.

Then it's time to go to the start line.

This time, I couldn't hear the pre-race prayer, but I could feel it.   The prayer and silence at the beginning seeps into you and carries you along.

Away we all go, smiling, happy faces.   At almost every turn there is some sort of inspiration.   The singers, people clapping and cheering you on, the water stations all so encouraging and cheerful.   I really liked the poem reading just beyond the main aid station,   I am not very fast and I have to stop quite a lot, and I had been out there for about five hours.   With three laps still to go, can you imagine my joy, when the poem at that time was: "Never give up.   The distance is shortening, the Goal is beckoning". (Sri Chinmoy).   It was like being lifted and it carried me right to the end.

Any marathon has to be an amazing experience, but the one at Rockland Lake is truly special.   Sure, there are bits that are tough, but the joy, inspiration and support that is given makes it a really remarkable one.

Many, many thanks to all you lovely people who supported and encouraged us, who fed us and took such first class care of us.

For the Grace that allowed me to finish, thank-you Sri Chinmoy.