With two weeks to go to Race Day all your hard training should be over.

Whichever schedule you have been following you should be maintaining a reduced mileage up to 24 September. The final week should be minimal mileage and you should feel rested. Don't be tempted to go out for one last hard training day. Save it for the race.

Remember to:

1 Prepare all your race day kit (wash any new items of clothing or socks before wearing).

2 Plan your drinking schedule and memorise it. You should, as a rule, be drinking a minimum of 250ml (cup full) every 3 miles. Individual needs vary and on a hot day this should be increased.

3 If you have a goal plan your time splits and be prepared to slow down on race day if you are going too fast in the first few miles no matter how good you feel. Even pacing is the key.

4 Drink plenty of fluid in the 2-3 days before the race.

5 Plan travel and accommodation if necessary.

Finally, picture yourself crossing that finish line with a big smile on your face!