"Normally I do not like marathons."

Whether I train or do not train, whether I run fast or slow, I always have the experience of hitting the wall. All your energy disappears, and then very soon afterwards all your inspiration disappears too. You stop thinking about running a good time   you just want to finish and you don't care how slowly you do it.

Which is a shame because I enjoying running short distances   I feel I can give everything   I am doing my best. Not so for a marathon. I always feel that I have underachieved, even if I finish totally exhausted.

This marathon was different. This time I tried technique a new technique I heard of from the staff at Run & Become in Cardiff. The idea is that you walk for 45 seconds after each mile   and it is important that you start right from the first mile. This gives your
running muscles time to relax and means that you can run longer even on little training. As I had done very little training I thought I would try this technique.

I was amazed. In training my longest run had been 14 miles. I was very tired at the end of that. However, using this technique I did not feel really tired until mile 24. Each mile, from about mile 7, I was expecting to totally crash   but to my immense surprise and joy it never happened. Even at mile 24 it was not so bad I just had to walk a little more, that's all.

I was expecting to run one of my slowest times, but in fact I ran my fastest ever time   3:52.

At the end of the marathon I felt triumphantly happy and also very grateful for my new marathon experience. Now, for the first time, I am actually looking forward to my next marathon!