"My marathon experience this year did not exercise my legs, but my arms."

I did not run, but poured water for the runners.   Due to an injury I sustained back in May I found I was unable to train in time for the Self-Transcendence Marathon on August 25th.   I was quite disappointed because I have completed the course twice and was aiming for a P.B.   However, I was glad to be able to help those transcending themselves around Rockland Lake.  

During the hours I spent at the course I saw the runners, for the most part, wearing smiley faces.   Standing in one spot, I was surprised how quickly everyone kept coming round again and again.   When I looked to the other side of the lake I could see the 3 mile loop was no small distance.

The hours passed by quickly for me.   I remember remarking to myself that the hours passed by somewhat more slowly during those times I had run the course myself!   Seeing the runners finish gave ME a sense of sarisfaction, especially when seeing them wearing their finishers' medals.   Job well done!