The lead cyclist writes.....

The Marathon was held at a picturesque country park north of New York City. The weather was nearly ideal, with the sun shining. After a silent meditation and prayer by Sri Chinmoy, the race started.

I was lucky. I had the best job at the marathon. I was one of the lead cyclists.

At the front I had the opportunity to watch the race unfold. Luke and Gyula were the early leaders. After about seven miles, Gyula broke   away and went at his own pace. It was great to watch Gyula run; he maintained a very even pace from start to finish. His half marathon split was 1.16 (half of his finish time of 2.32). He didn't slow down all the way to the finish. It was also quite exciting being at the front, as many of the lap runners were eager to cheer on the race leader. Later on I went round the course, and this dynamic energy was not as prevalent. However, it had been replaced by a quiet and peaceful feeling, which was fitting for the beautiful surroundings of the lake and trees.