"I was flooded with inspiration to try"

I just had time to pick up my Self-Transcendence Marathon finish
photo before leaving New York yesterday, and only saw it this minute. It brought back vividly the fantastic experience of doing this unique marathon.

I am not really a "runner" and wasn't sure whether my knees would hold out for 2 miles, 4 miles or 6 miles, let alone the whole
marathon! However, of one thing I was definitely sure: I was flooded with inspiration to try. From the outset, this was a good experience for me: no expectations, just to "go with the (inner) flow" and to be happy. To be able to feel my inner source doing the work was such a joy.

As it turned out, my legs were miraculously and joyfully eating up the laps and miles, and the knees didn't bother me enough to have to stop early. I finished at 5:28:28 and was the 520th finisher. Now, I've discovered that 7 is a significant number in my life. My marathon time adds up to 7 and my finishing position adds up to 7 too! I have no idea what this means, but I know that the experience of this most special marathon has done something solid for my life.
I am all gratitude.