"I felt that an inspiration corridor was open in front and I entered"


Maria's   Marathon Experience.

My marathon experience started early in the morning when our bus broke. Just a few minutes on the highway and we were set in the new bus - I was sure, there is no way to escape from the marathon.

Not in a highly marathon mood I went to the lap. But what a peaceful and beautiful lake appeared in front - covered with   purple dawn colours and coming to the shore with countless tiny waves. The sky in yellow soft pearl   with a few violet stripes through it and someone sitting on its shore.

I jumped in my trainers ready for the race and then slowly walked to the start line surrounded by hundreds of spiritual runners. One song   was roaming around in my mind:   " May my Master every day play a thousands inspiration drums and aspiration flutes inside my heart's God-Fulfilment Dream."

There was a silent moment- a rare experience before a race and then the river started flowing towards its destination, I saw by my left side Si Chinmoy in   bright blue trousers and pink top contemplating us.

That was the epic journey. I hoped I will survive till its end, after my hard training of 2-3 miles a day. Soon my speed increased and I got the feeling of the spiritual consciousness around and above me. This Pure Consciousness was just pulling me ahead. The weather was not hot but here I want to mention a quote from Alo which best can describe my feelings at this moment.: " .you can be dynamic in extremely hot weather. When we offer our utmost energy to the cosmic forces, we will get abundant energy in return. "

Chanting Supreme   I was keeping my speed with Someone's Grace.

There was a magical combination of seaweeds, plenty of water and bio plasma every lap which helped me. Passing by the water station flying with a cup in hand I thought ; " O.K. this water will help me not to collapse somewhere on the track from dehydration." Grabbing a full hand with seaweeds I   swallow them with the thought: "This is for my blood, not to faint unexpectedly", Then throwing a cup of bio plasma in my throat I said to myself: " Every pain go out of me, now!"

I saw Sri Chinmoy. Then I keep on. The Journey and the Smiles around me. Beautiful.

On the seventh lap the melodious symphony   got some troubling notes inside and soon it grew in frustrated crescendo. I stopped to drink water and couldn't keep on running after the fatal cup with liquid. Self-pity, shame and ego drops were falling on me, till I was walking. Such an effort every strike.   All my parts on strike.

At some point I saw Vedika in front of me, running slowly. I tried to indentify myself with   her and imagined all the ultra races, she has finished and all the pain through which she has gone. And I thought that this marathon is also a very long ultra race and I have to finish it And the body was the only instrument through which   it can be done. So I have to do just a few tiny running steps , so that I can continue my journey. Soon I revived with normal speed.

The eight lap came, with the thought in my mind: "Now is the time for you to rest more, if you do not rest now, when you will rest? So I didn't plan any hurry up before the finish line. That was my mind plan, but soon some other part of me, (probably my heart) I felt that an inspiration corridor   was open in front and I entered. Wandering why I have to do this, I saw unexpectedly Sri Chinmoy in his electric car driving slowly on the track, so I had to keep on my speed, trying to run as quiet as possible and as soulful as possible.
When I thought for rest again, on the road was walking Ranjana with a
smile. My fingers were showing unknown mudra, closing the energy cycle.                                                            

No more than mile before   the finish I felt someone running   next to me and I hang up to him in a relaxed mood; " If I am gona die now, then let me die ."

200 metres before the finish line,   Atulya and Wendy   catched me in a very spirited mood, intended to pass me with a smile. I gave my last surrendered breath, sprinting happily with them and we flew together through the finish line. ( To be correct they were 2 sec. in front of me).      

So that's it. I did it for 4.36, as never before.
Compassion Flow from the whole. A Gratitude smile from my all.