"I will definitely be running another one- fear of the unknown has been washed away"




My first marathon! (aka total boredom)


So, Reminiscing about"THE MARATHON"-


No Blinding Light

No Spiritual Breakthroughs

No Afterglow from Accomplishment

Just Double Jetlag.


The Odyssey begins with my flying into the USA the evening before ‘The big M' due to circumstances beyond my control. Having an extremely late night, 3.75 hours of sleep- high on jet lag and starting at 7am the next morning   - believe me, I would have planned this better if I could have.


Anyway, here I must admit I did not train - don't spit on me all at once! I have been steadily becoming more unfit and lazy as the years have progressed and somehow I have not worked through all the excuses in the book yet on why not to run.


So, the start was great! So many people- one was forced to do little snail hops- would have been quicker walking- but somehow looked totally defeatist at this point of the play. Jogged a bit. It was ages until we got to a sign post."At Last!" I thought. It was only 1 mile- GREAT!


I was very good and did not let the old mind tell me anything such as"ARE YOU CRAZY? You must be crazy- 1 mile, and you are dead- 1 mile! How are you going to do 25 more and some? You noo-noo! You Idiot! Give up now and sleep!"


So I just kept looking at the scenery around me. Thankfully it was very beautiful as we were running so early.   The light and air felt very clean. Running with other people really helped kill the boredom. More of that later.


Also I would personally measure the 3 mile circuit so there would first be the extra pretty bit: in shade and light; then the first refreshment stand; another long run mainly in no shade but going on forever, with finally the second station that my friend was helping at- so I always got the biggest encouragement here (life saver). Then another pretty bit and finally one would hit the singers.


Here one was on the homeward strait and this was the best bit- as one would turn a corner and see cheering people in the distance coming very slowly closer. Even when the body was dead the pride would kick in which would carry one until after the crowd at least!


So this went on for a while. I ran until 12 miles and really decided that I was much happier walking! The force of self preservation (laziness) is strong within me!


I was very happy walking   - I would get a little blue every now and then as so many people were passing me and distance took SO LONG. I would play the game of deliberately NOT looking at the mile signs so I would get a surprise later that would carry me a while on the large number I had run!


Then disaster struck.   The mind and body just became bored. They wanted to do something different- anything different really   - did not matter what! I was at 17 miles and I was So Bored that the last 3 miles had been torture. I just could not concentrate on turning the brain off. At this point unless something changed I was going to give up.


Luckily for me (not for him- hee-hee) my Father came over to say hi. And I blackmailed him to walk with me a while. I felt like a petulant teenager. I just kept repeating to him"I am SO BORED!!!!!!! I am not really tired, nothing hurts, I am just BORED!" He could not stop chuckling. I instructed him to tell me a story- anything NOT BORING- that he proceeded to do- very badly I may add!


Then he ended up keeping me company for the next 9 miles. Ho Ho! And people think I am a push over! Yak-Yak-Yak!


We chattered which was very nice and I was happy so I walked faster and faster. In the end we were walking at about a 12 minute pace! I was even overtaking some runners- Joy!


At the last straits my ego let me run and I was surprised at how much energy I had. I finished and sat down as soon as I could. Such joy to just sit!


Well conclusions- I never thought I would be crazy enough to even attempt this. But it is true. It is all in the mind. It is just a number. Anything can be achieved if we can just turn the brain switch to OFF! I will definitely be running another one- fear of the unknown has been washed away.


Who knows with a little bit of training this time I will try to attempt running the whole time. I will also plug my ears into music next time to force the brain to drain!


I was hoping for a little weight loss after- but no such luck- if anything I think I put some on with all the crisps I ate!


As I said at the beginning- there was no envelopment of light etc etc. But I surely felt that someone was being super-super kind and indulgent towards me up there. Wouldn't be the first time either!